Wish List for our Rehabilitation Center

On your next trip to the store, please consider picking up an item or two for the patients in the rehabilitation center. New Mexico Wildlife Center is in need of the following items:

A/D Science Diet canned dog food
Fresh fruit, berries, veggies, leafy greens
Frozen vegetables (no lima beans or cauliflower)
Grass hay and straw bales
Raw nuts (shelled or unshelled (walnuts, pecans, pinon, acorns)
Sweet potatoes/yams
Wild bird seed
Wild dove seed
9 volt batteries
Astro turf
Latex gloves – small
Laundry soap – powdered, unscented
Gift certificates to Whole Foods/Vitamin Cottage/La Montanita
for nutritional supplements
Gift Cards to Chris’ Squirrels & More – www.squirrelsandmore.org

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