The River Classroom

River Classroom students from the EspaƱola Public School District discuss their river depth measurement during a day on the Rio Chama.

River Classroom


To use local natural areas as classrooms for math and science learning projects that directly address the Next Generation Science Standards.


  • New Mexico is struggling to achieve performance goals in math
    and science
  • Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that hands on, experiential- and place- based education is effective in increasing skills, maximizing interest and improving learning retention
  • Partnerships between schools, private and public entities and communities builds support for the schools and improves
    community image


New Mexico Wildlife Center is partnering with local schools to develop an intensive, integrated education program that directly addresses the Next Generation Science Standards. It is a hands-on, experiential, inquiry based program that takes students into local riparian habitats where students integrate biology, chemistry and geology concepts with real world scientific data collection and habitat monitoring.

The goal of this program is to develop action oriented curricula that contribute to community education goals and involve students in science. By connecting local students with their environment, New Mexico Wildlife Center is improving science learning and increasing awareness of the importance of local rivers.

We can develop individual curricula for different groups based on the specific needs of the school and their local environment. If you are a local school interested in partnering with New Mexico Wildlife Center on the River Classroom project, please contact Christy Wall at 505-753-9505 or

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